How we are ensuring quality?

Our projects implement qualitative and flexible to our customers . Innovations by individuals in our company are encouraged and we always listen to what our clients have to say. Teamwork is built on synergy and interdisciplinary knowledge. A key direction for all of our employees is learning of new skills, so they often take part in various kinds of training performed by qualified outside assistance. A high level of readiness for dealing with the most difficult projects and services is therefore ensured which are confirmed by certificates.


10CFR50, Appendix B and ASME NQA-1:2008

Due to projects and services that we do for nuclear facilities, we are obliged by law to establish and sustain a quality system in compliance with regulations and laws for such nuclear objects that is based on US 10CFR50 Appendix B regulations.
The standard of American society of mechanical engineers gives more detailed guidelines and implementations of the 18 10CFR50 Appendix B regulatory requirements. We have incorporated these into our quality management system and thus achieve high standards for nuclear industry services.






The IAEA has also set forth requirements for a quality system used in nuclear industry. We have incorporated these and added emphasis on personnel and equipment safety in our documents.


IAEA 50-C-QA conformance

Projects and services are in accordance with IAEA 50-C-QA standard for nuclear facilities.


ISO 9001:2015
Our organization has been first certified in 2003 to meet requirements of ISO 9001 by the Slovenian branch of Bureau Veritas. Ever since then our quality management system has grown and been continually improved in order to ensure best quality of our design and turn-key engineering services to our customers.
ISO 14001:2015
Our organization has decided to evaluate and implement ISO 14001 environmental management systems. For this purpose, all of our internal processes have been screened for environmental impacts. Measures have been undertaken to minimize or mitigate such impacts wherever possible in order to take due care of our environment. Our commitments to protect environment are listed and published in our environmental policy (available in Slovene only).
A rating of excellence
Since we were able successfully demonstrate the daily level of business excellence for the past three business years and fulfilled the highest credit worthiness, we are allowed to use status AAA according to the methodology of the Swedish international company Bisnode.
SIPRO INŽENIRING-9001-2015 - ang
SIPRO INŽENIRING- 14001-2015 - ang