New purification line for RWST and SFP water

A turn-key project, which was ordered by Nuclear power plant Krško, was established. This project included installation of a new process line for filtration and purification of process water from the rad-west storage tank (RWST) and spent fuel pit tank (SFP). Filtration technology is based on ion-exchange resins and mechanical filtration by means of "Johnsonscreen" system and special 5 micrometer cartridge filter.













Picture 1: 3D Image of Piping Layout of RWST System 






Picture 2: 3D Image of Demineralizer















Picture 3: 3D Image of Filter

The project is labeled 546-WS-L and is classified as Nuclear Safety Related. It is a case of project documentation, fabrication of equipment, installation, testing and education of NPP Krško personnel for operation and maintenance of the new process line. Within this project the pressure vessels have been designed in accordance with Euronorm AD Merkblatt 2000 and certified by TUV body. The pipe-work has been constructed by ASME B31.1 and ASME Section III Class 3 standard. Modification will shorten and accelerate purification of radioactive water and so improve existent treatment of radioactive water from both technology and the aspect of nuclear safety growth.

                                                                         Project Manager: Mladen Debeljak, B.Sc.M.E.