The Process Information System Upgrading (PIS)

In association with the company ABB Oy from Finland we performed the replacement of the obsolete process information system with the recent and more advanced one, which brings essential improvements to control and analysis of the technological process.

The PIS consists of three levels. Their main functions are following:

  • Level 1 – data acquisition
  • Level 2 – data processing, application software and operator interface
  • Level 3 – source of data for external applications

Picture: PIS Cabinets

The fundamental purpose of PIS Upgrade can be summarized as follows:

  • Obsolescence of PIS Level 2 equipment (DIGITAL VAX/AX Station Computers) leads to the necessity of the replacement with modern equipment (ALPHA, OpenVMS) that is easier and less expensive to maintain in the future.
  • As a secondary effect, Gateway computers on PIS Level 1 have been removed and existing Global PCs have been replaced in order to facilitate and support the connectivity with the upgraded PIS Level 2.
  • Improvement of overall PIS performance and availability during plant transients.
  • Modernization of PIS Level 2 user interface features.
  • Expanding the PIS capability to receive and send process parameters to different process computers (expanding existing L1 FEP&MUX with redundant new Level 2 FEP&MUX).
  • Adding the availability of PIS Level 2 and 3 user interface features for the office users.
  • Upgraded Plant Process Computer System provides capabilities for MCR operators to issue commands (control actions) to other digital control system - external systems that are not part of the Plant Process Computer System.

                                                                                       Project Manager: Božidar Linke, B.Sc.E.E.