Replacement of Voltage Regulators and Control Equipment on DG1 and DG2

To ensure constant AC power supply NEK has three diesel generators – two were installed with original power plant design, additional third diesel generator was installed during the outage 2012. In the event of loss of off-site power, each of them can provide energy for the operation of safety related systems in the plant. To increase reliability of operation and to simplify maintenance as well, the modification of electrical equipment in the original two diesel generators will be performed. During the outage 2015, first diesel generator was modified, and second will be modified during the outage 2016.

Sipro provides project documentation with detailed instructions for replacement of the main control cabinets, reconstruction of smaller control cabinets of auxiliary systems of the generator and additional connections for the NPP process information system. Project documentation contains all necessary BOM’s, instructions and drawings for implementation of new equipment, with modified operating and maintenance procedures and also recognizes impacts on other systems in the plant.



Picture: Control cabinets of diesel generator 1

Project Manager: Matjaž Stanko, B.Sc.E.E.