Modification of Essential Service Water System (SW) Intake Structure and Equipment

Modification of the Service Water System belongs within the set of measures which are necessary to eliminate the consequences of the effects due to increase of the level of the Sava River while constructing accumulation pool of hydro power plant Brežice. Increase of the level of the river will change ability to access the equipment in the NPP Krško intake structure as needed for inspection and maintenance. Sipro designed seismically qualified platforms for accessing to equipment and modifications of supporting systems for fire protection pumps (FP system) and essential service water pumps (SW system). At vertical columns of pumps special guides are installed that allow the pulling out and installation of pumps in terms of increased water level. Additionally, ladders for access to the bottom of the pool are designed in accordance with safety at work standards. Designed are also additional outage gates which will be enable to isolate and emptying pumps compartments for maintenance personnel access. The project also included safety analyses as needed for authorization by nuclear safety authority.

Project Manager: Mladen Debeljak, B.Sc.M.E.