CZ Chillers Replacement

Based on the demands of Nuclear power plant Krško, we established project documentation for replacing chillers in CZ system, which are intended for supplying cooling water for HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning System) in the main control room.

The project is the answer to the demands of Montreal protocol 1987, which dealing with the protection of the ozone layer demands the replacement of freon chillers with the advanced ecological media. For this reason air chillers were chosen, which also solves the problem regarding the accumulation of dirt in previous chilling system, as it used water from the River Sava.

slika_16.jpg  Picture: 3D Piping Layout - inside the building

The manufacturer of the chosen chillers is AAF/McQuay and is labeled ALS »E« XE 196.2 ST 134. A chilling unit has a refrigerating power of 200 tons or 700 kW. Three units shall be built in. Two of them are placed on the detached safety bus-bar, the third one as a possibility of connecting to bus-bar of previous two. The project engineering consists of preparing the construction documentation for seismic foundations of the units and retaining walls, the 3D and 2D schemes of pipe-lines (performed with the use of licensed software program AutoPlant). Seismic calculations of the steel construction and modification of electricity supply by the separation of safety bus-bars, as well as automatic control and over voltage protection was within the scope of modification.

slika_17.jpgPicture: 3D Piping Layout - outdoor

                                                                                   Project Manager: Mladen Debeljak, B.Sc.M.E.