Pre-investment concept for NPP 2

Considering the vision and strategy of our company we adopted the project called Technical analyses of newer nuclear power plants within the context of pre-investment conceptions for nuclear power plant 2. Direct contracting authority of the chapter in Detail Design Documentation was ELEK d.o.o. Ljubljana and final contracting authority of the pre-investing conception was GEN energija d.o.o., which owns 50 percent of Nuclear power plant Krško.











Picture 1: 3D Cross-section of AP1000, Westinghouse 

















Picture 2: 3D Cross-section of EPR, Areva












Picture 3: 3D Cross-section of US-APWR, MHI

From technological point of view this kind of facilities falls within the highest category of planning, maintenance and operation worldwide. In pre-investment conception we have analyzed the main constituents of various types of new nuclear power plants and compared their intrinsic features. Thus we have analyzed the characteristics of reactor vessel, fuel and main pipe-work, as they represent a unique technology for the Slovenian circumstances. Analogically we have focused on other constituents of the main system, like reactor cooler pump, pressurizer and evaporator. The latter enables energy transfer from the main circle to turbine and generator. We have also described the safety systems, their safety electrical supply and the systems of their own electricity use. We have also designed one-line schemes of such charging with juncture as well.

With this project we have presented that in our company we master a wide range of technologies and expertise of various professions. We have also shown that we wish to maintain connections with state-of-the-art technology.

                                                                                  Project Manager: Blaž Zadravec, B.Sc.E.E.