Substations 110/10 kV - Dolginovskaya, Vesnyanka, Petrovschina, Grushevskaya - Minsk - Belarus

Company Riko, Ljubljana from Slovenia has constructed two new substations 110/10 kV (Dolginovskaya and Grushevskaya) and reconstructed another two (Petrovschina and Vesnyanka) in Minsk, Belarus on turnkey basis. Sipro Inzeniring has performed for Riko engineering activities for electrical portion of the total scope.

Sipro involvement in the project was:

  • Technical concept development
  • Equipment specifications
  • Technical support in the equipment purchasing process
  • Support during testing of equipment and systems including Factory acceptance tests
  • Documentation preparation support
  • Supervision during production, installation and startup

Substations 110/10 kV Dolginovskaya in Vesnyanka together comprise one LOT and substations 110/10 kV Grushevskaya in Petrovschina another LOT.

The substations of one LOT are located several kilometers apart from each other and are connected with 110 kV high voltage underground cables. All the interconnection cable connections, including excavation and civil construction work were in the scope of the project.

Completely new is the substation Dolginovskaya (Picture 1). It is comprised from 110 kV Switchyard, Transformation 110/10 kV, 10 kV Switchgear, Protection, Control and Measuring Systems and the Auxiliary Power Supply Systems. 110 kV Switchyard is performed in H connection, with two outgoing feeders, two transformer feeders and interconnecting feeder.                                                                                                                        



Picture 1: Substation Dolginovskaya - outlook

Transformation 110/10 kV is assured by two Power Transformers with on load tap changers, 40 MVA each. Each of two Power transformers has two secondary windings, 20 MVA rated power each (Picture 2). 


Picture 2: Power Transformer in transformer room  

Middle voltage switchgear is comprised of four sections, with 56 single busbars 10 kV cubicles in all sections. Middle voltage system is grounded through grounding transformers and grounding resistors. All of the equipment is installed indoor. Similar, as the configuration of substation Dolginovskaya is also configuration of the substation Grushevskaya. These substations have differences only in technical parameters of equipment, differences in configuration of 110 kV H connection, different numbers of 10 kV cubicles, etc. Both substations are completely located in buildings, with approximately squared ground plan, with the length and width of approximately 40 to 45 (Picture 3). The buildings and all correlated construction works were in the project's scope.


Picture 3: Dolginovskaya – indoor 110 kV Switchyard

Substation Vesnyanka was reconstructed. The construction works comprised the upgrade of existing 110 kV GIS with two additional outgoing feeders with upgrade of Protection, Control and Metering Systems with the purpose to assure a new supply for substation Dolginovskaya, from 110 kV busbar of Vesnyanka.

The scope for substation TP Petrovschina was the complete reconstruction of 110/10 kV substation. All the old 110 kV open air switchyard was demolished and was replaced with new modern 110 kV GIS switchgear with 20 feeders. Four transformers 110/10 kV were installed, 40 MVA each. There were installed also 8 sections of 10 kV switchgear and all Protection, Control, Metering and Communication systems were replaced. A new building in which have been installed all the equipment was also in the scope of the project, with all engineering and civil activities. The portals and the HV line towers next to them for outgoing HV lines were replaced. The Protective and Communication devices on the other side of the HV lines were also replaced. Instead of grounding wires on the top of incoming HV lines, there were installed OPGW wires, and some towers on incoming HV lines were replaced. The reconstruction of the substation Petrovschina was performed so that the substation was all the time partly in the operation, as can be seen from Picture 4. Before the beginning of the construction work, it was necessary to implement all temporary modifications to assure constantly operation and supply in the part of the station. That was done through temporary installed HV equipment and temporary 110 kV bypass cables connections. 


Picture 4: Reconstruction of substation Petrovschina


Picture 5: Substation Petrovschina

Reconstructed substations Vesnyanka and new substation Dolginovskaya have been successfully operating from July 2012, and substations Petrovschina and Grushevskaya from the summer 2013.


Project Manager: Franc Katič, M.Sc.E.E.