SX Sampling Panel Replacement

In association with the companies SWAN AG from Switzerland and Iskra Sistemi from Slovenia we thoroughly updated the on-line process water analysis equipment in Nuclear power plant Krško. We also integrated modernization into process information system. 

Turbine Building SX sampling panel SX101RCK-001 have been replaced due to the old, outdated, obsolete equipment, corroded parts and requirement for introduction of state-of-the-art chemical analyzing instrumentation. The rack was difficult to maintain in operable condition. It was also the case with ChemNet application. The new replacement rack has housed SWAN analyzers which have been connected with digital Profibus DP network to SIMATIC AS416 SX001PLC. The PLC has been installed in separate panel with the other IT equipment - server, I/O unit, UPS, etc. The PB network have connected total of 31 chemical analyzers located at various plant places. The control system has been based on SIMATIC PCS7. One Modbus data link to PIS Level 2 F&M2 in DEH room was provided.


Picture 1: Turbine Plant Sampling Panel

As a part of upgrade the existing cooling rack SX907HCL-001 has been replaced. Electrical and IT equipment was installed in two panels, SX101PNL001 and SX101PNL002 respectively.

Additional new analyzer rack has been provided for CY108TNK-001 sodium analysis. The rack SX914RCK-001 has housed analyzer AIT4736, sample pump and sample preparation equipment. The analyzer has been connected with Profibus DP network to SX001PLC.


Picture 2: Sample Cooler Rank

The replacement of existing equipment and installation of new one has been partially performed on-line, but major activities were done in Outage R06.

                                                                                       Project Manager: Božidar Linke, B.Sc.E.E.