Aging Management Review (AMR) of NPP Krško (phases I and II)

Nuclear power plant Krško performs Aging Management Review (AMR) project, which should ensure a complete overview of system components and structures (SSC) in power plant and their required functions to assure performing of the required safety functions for which they have been designed.

The first phase of this project (Aging Management Scoping and Screening) has already been performed, where methodology and selection of SSC were established. Final product of phase I of the project is AATS data base, which is used as a tool in the phase of inspection and composition of AMP / AMR.

The starting point of AMR or the entire AMP is NRC regulatory and U.S. strategy of renewal of operating licenses for nuclear power plants (License Renewal Process – LR), which is based on 10 CFR 54. Regarding to U.S. regulatory being frequently used in NPP Krško and nuclear industry in general and regarding to the process being established and frequently used in practice of U.S. nuclear power plants, this method was accepted as the most appropriate for NPP Krško.

General practice in U.S. nuclear power plants is life time extension for a period of 20 years. It needs to be emphasized here that AMR is an integral part of documentation, which is delivered to NRC at the time when the application of renewal is submitted.

AMP is based upon the NRC regulatory, which is the base of renewal of nuclear power plant operating license (License Renewal Process – LR, 10 CFR 54). It includes two spheres:

  • Integrated Plant Assessment (IPA)
  • Time Limited Aging Analyses (TLAA)

The review process consists of two parts: Scoping & Screening and Review. Systems, structures and components (SSC) are defined within Scoping & Screening project, whereas the examination of aging process and suitable management are performed in the phase of Review Project (AMR). Independent on the examination of SSC, Time Limited Aging Analyses (TLAA) are prepared. SSC, which are managed by AMP are so called »passive, long-lived components«.


Picture: Sipro Team at AMR Project 

In Sipro we perform works on mechanical part of the "Aging Management Review" project, as the subcontractor of Westinghouse Electric Company, who is the holder of the entire project for Nuclear power plant Krško.

                                                                                 Project Manager: Matjaž Pleteršek, B.Sc.M.E.