Work Platform

Sipro established project documentation for Nuclear power plant Krško working platforms and access ladders installation in various locations inside and outside of the radiological controlled area, as well as in the reactor building. This involves locations which were not accessible for maintenance, examinations or operation. The project outside the reactor building is labeled 530-AB-M, while the project inside the reactor building is labeled 632-AB-L.


 Picture: Model of working platform  

Both are classified Non-Nuclear Safety Related. Working platforms are schemed as steel load-bearing constructions with design capability 5000 N/m2. Doing that, we followed two types of regulations; the ANSI/ASME regulation was followed inside the reactor building, on other parts we followed the Euronorm regulations. All the constructions outside the reactor building are made of black steel St42-3 quallity, constructions inside reactor building are from stainless steel AISI304 grade. All constructions are manufactured as welded and bolted, and anchored to the existent concrete structures. Some of them are bolted to the existent steel structures. We calculated static and dynamic load by using license software, including seismic load.

                                                                                 Project Manager: Mladen Debeljak, B.Sc.M.E.